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Installation of security and fire doors

We specialize in the installation of High-Security Doors. No limits of size and weight.

Our years of experience and customer satisfaction are a great reference to the fact that we perform our work well and professionally.


Welding the standard of connecting and fixing of material in industry and installation. Sheets, profiles, tubes, special constructions, …. to be welded in workshop / factory or on field at the installation or erection, the challenge for and experience of Stahl s.r.o. from the beginning. All welders are qualified and introduced to their tasks before start. Annual briefing and check of the welders is as obligatory as the check and renewal of equipment. All our welding teams are completely equipped on request to solve the tasks without any delay. Welding supervision and welding documentation can be offered by our welding experts / engineers.

We place emphasis on the quality of work and expertise of our employees. 

The Client has to be content with our performance. Welding and installation of Big Special Security Doors for SOMMER Design & Security or Wind Power Plants for WeserWind GmbH …. 4-Mont s.r.o. always is the best choice.

Fire Protection Doors

Fire Protection Doors the risk of fire is omnipresent and life hast o be protected against in the best way. Doors with Fire Resistance are one of the most effective methods to make buildings safer and to protect life.

The fire-proof doors we are dealing with come from SOMMER GmbH, a German workshop. This is an authentic German quality with maximum reliability. The door minimizes damage in case of fire and maximizes the security of your property to the highest possible level.

High-Security Doors

Safety for buildings on highest level today is one of the most popular demands in the world. To secure prisons, nuclear facilities, military facilities or your own home everywhere in the world with appropriate security doors is our business. No limits of size and weight …we realize together with our partners. Safety of life is our right.

Safety of life and property is priority in our business.